Sunday, February 21, 2010

RP Good Habits

I am committed to balance, good habits and small wins. Kegan observes, nevertheless, that such agreeable public commitments are often sabotaged by unacknowledged internal commitments. Read that as FEAR.

Success, however defined, can only be achieved through such process: balance, good habits and small wins.

It is no error that lack of balance is associated with insanity and achievement mandates persistence which is habitual and every great object attained must be reached incrementally: Even the greatest journey begins with ….

Knowledge of the desiderata is not enough. Life is lived in deeds not beliefs. The Japanese demand "Fu jen jikko" – "No words, action!" – but actions are powered by meaning and meaning is shaped by words.

So as a gift of meaning, a yardstick and a recipe I offer this: balance, good habits and small wins. 

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