Saturday, February 28, 2009

#haiku joy! joy! joy! rapture! / wafting fragrance of incense: / soft skin enfolding
#hailu walls without frames are / reminders of what was home / ghosting grey outlines
#haiku desire corruption / the hot glistening welcome / taboo quarantined
Starvation has definite and defined emotional correlates

Friday, February 27, 2009

Judgement is tenuous and fragile
The most interesting things happen behind your eyes - hack your brain & you won't need anything else
#haiku Combust ATP / BURN BURN BURN! Mighty! Mighty! / Mitochondria
To pareidolia and fibonacci
#haiku Men are principles / women are particulars / wabi and sabi
#haiku Energy stocks flows / attention economy / fictional constraints
#haiku The arrow of time / points both ways. Now and Then Here. / Quantum consciousness.
If consciousness is a cognitive illusion it should be possible to run several streams simultaneously like virtual machines. And so will begin the post-attention economy

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

#haiku "War is intellect" / Sun Tzu Musashi Clausewitz / Conviction! Resolve!
#haiku There is power in / a Name; Shaman speaks Totem: / Begone Misery!
#haiku Sound as signal / body language - semaphore - / communication
#haiku Beauty realised: / Snowflake, spider's web, starlight, / Adam before God.
We deny in hope that biology is determining
#haiku in the void zanshin / brushed ink circle on rice paper / Wabi and Sabi
#haiku this is Bushido / no-mind in exhalation / breath and pulse resolve
#haiku walking through clouds / no-mind in exhalation / each heartbeat resolves
#haiku Wabi and Sabi: / Ecstasy and Agony / A lover's tears: care.
#haiku … Time’s sands measure… Life. / Burn through like a bonfire, / Carpei diem - now!
#haiku joy and rapture both, / as pain and anguish, are / points along the wave
#haiku This is alone life: / To know passion, pain, love, loss / And say Yes! Always.
#haiku This is alone life: / Purity, chastity and / Sublime decadence.
#haiku This is alone life: / Ecstasy and Agony / Merrily coupled.
#haiku intense emotion / leaves me a wrung out dish rag / empty and deformed
#haiku In some strange time-space / allusive thoughts are heard in / seventeen sound bites
#haiku sleepless in empty / bed I lay composing haiku / blossoms of sorrow
#haiku sleepless in empty / bed I lay composing haiku / blooms of the bereft

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

#haiku a million monkeys / tapping industriously- / cogito ergo ...
#haiku I in some strange world / now speak allusive thoughts in / seventeen phonemes
#haiku to live to write truth / to act to speak true - cohere / authenticity

Monday, February 23, 2009

My recent realisation that an unjust world is the best of all possible worlds lead further to the realisation that there can be no Ultimate Reckoning, no Judgement Day
I seem inadvertently to be compiling a list of the overrated: being right is overrated...
#haiku "Brevity is the / soul of wit." - " make settled / things strange" IMAGINE!
#haiku Five - 5 - syllables / Lines one, three. Line two: seven. / This is a haiku.
#haiku sighs moans grunts whimpers / plead pray protest please Please PLEASE! / Yes! There. Here. Now! YES!
#haiku fantastic pleasure / unendurable torment / my nape almost kissed
#haiku action as intent / revealed: poetry as lush / language compressed
How how is it that people with scoliosis don't know that their spines curve?
Plan for 73.6 live for 36.8

Sunday, February 22, 2009

#haiku tick tock tick tock - Aiiiii! / lub-dub lub-dub shhhhhhhhhh lub-dub / gravel on wood - done
#haiku delicious joy / drenching bliss: ecstacy: sweeeeet: / sugar on child's tongue
These status updates remind me of the Journal of Mundane Behaviour - such a rich research resource

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today was rather unexceptional at work & I was grateful considering I got no sleep last night
There's so little risk in being honest with strangers we should perhaps have a daily "sit & talk to a stranger"...
I do not envy Abelard

Friday, February 20, 2009

haiku commentary - tears are neither + nor -, they are simply emotive and they = spring... wrinkles=winter
#haiku life is like a pearled / string of moments: now and then: / tears, smiles, hugs, wrinkles....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Erudition in overrated
Musing on the discipline of pleasure and the pleasure of discipline...
What is the colour of magic? The smell of ecstacy? The taste of anguish? The feel of conviction? The sound of mystery?
Have I said that I really like ee cummings?
#haiku flickering candles / soft skin cinnamon sweat salt / sighs ...uh... ahhhhhhh. Oh. Yes.
#haiku each heartbeat restores / the world; summer, fall, snow, blooms: / all recreated
Fitzgerald had it wrong: the rich are not truly different...
Diamond is to carbon as poetry is to prose....
soul tired
...& so easily are clay feet revealed....
#haiku open on eight sides / no mind in exhalation / violence as repose
#haiku open on eight sides / no mind in exhalation / repose as violence
#haiku Soft hair against my / cheek; scents of joy remembered: / conflate past-future...
#haiku After chrysalis - / samadhi, love, satori / -Lepidoptera
...& my soul exhaled....
one grain

Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Machines take consistency to absurd lengths
Working on autobiographical memory
Searching for the story after the fairy tale ending
Great loves are not made of fire and ice
It's lack of reflection that leads people to believe in hard/clear/determined margins. Edges tend to be fuzzy however sharp they feel - sense and perception are 2 very different things...
Science verifies or falsifies hypotheses but how do scientists generate hypotheses? Clinical medical diagnostics is essentially hypotheses generation and yet when I ask doctors how they arrive at diagnoses they very often tell me that they take a history or examine the patient. The truth is that histories and examinations do not generate diagnoses....

Valentine's Haiku 2

For Valentine's Day:

Loving: fierce hugs, kisses,

Little nips - Passion.

Valentine's Haiku

For Valentine's Day:

Loving: long hugs, soft kisses

Sweet smiles - Tenderness

Friday, February 13, 2009


A little note on Cyclizine and Metoclopramide

It is surprising and sometimes annoying when people state categorically and definitively that cyclizine and metoclopramide antagonise each other. Cyclizine acts centrally on H1, M1, M2 and M3 receptors and Metoclopramide acts both centrally and peripherally on D2 and M1 receptors. Theoretically, there may be competitive inhibition of the one or other at M1 receptors without clinical effect.

These antiemetics do not "block each other" or "cancel each other out".
Act in haste repent at leisure - Why is the repenting always so EXPENSIVE!
protein... fibre... resveratrol....
In search of the counterintuitive
Ahhhhhhhhhh! My soul is almost almost a circle - not quite infinite-sided....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

An unjust world is the best of all possible worlds!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Enhanced human cognition is a bandwidth issue
To the space between S & R!
Started following (twitter): CNN, NYT, 10Dowining Street, BBC Click....
Had your dose of reseveratrol today?
If we've spoken - I don't have "normal" conversations. What point normal? I'm looking 4 the shape of your soul; mine's probably similar....
Exercise is a good proxy for control

Sunday, February 08, 2009

In celebration of commitment devices & mental accounts - Yay! Tversky! ;-)

Friday, February 06, 2009

I do not know the shape of my soul - & I think that I should.
Prayers complete; why do I pray? It's self management in the same way as meditation....
Can you imagine: doctors used to touch paitents!? They called it an examination!
Can you imagine: operations were done under inebriation!?
learnt tonite that manual evacuation of a rectum is verboten without an anaesthetic (?GA) = abuse....

Sunday, February 01, 2009